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Institute for Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology

Doctoral programme in Cultural Anthropology


If you would like to carry out academic research beyond your Master's degree, the Department of Cultural Analysis and Cultural Anthropology offers the opportunity to do a doctorate.

A doctorate can be completed as part of employment as a member of staff at the department, as part of externally funded research projects or by means of a scholarship. It is also possible to write a dissertation while working.

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact Prof Dr Ove Sutter.

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Prof. Dr. Ove Sutter

Doctorate at the Faculty of Arts

In addition to supervision, structured doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities offer a comprehensive specialised and sometimes interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares doctoral candidates for their future academic or non-academic careers.

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Scholarships and funding programmes

The Faculty of Arts offers a comprehensive list of foundations, research training groups, scholarships, grants and scholarship organisations that provide support for doctoral students.

Structured doctoral programme

A structured doctoral programme offers a comprehensive subject-specific and sometimes interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares students for future academic or non-academic careers.

Bonn Graduate Centre

The Bonn Graduate Centre (BGZ) is the central point of contact for all interdisciplinary questions relating to doctoral studies and offers orientation and information on interdisciplinary qualification programmes.

MeTra Mentoring Programme

The Equal Opportunities Office offers a mentoring programme especially for young female scientists, which embeds one-to-one mentoring in a training programme with advanced training seminars or workshops.

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