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"Hands in Greek Painting: Conventions, Gestures, Sensations"

Am 27. April 2023 hält Prof. Dr. Nathan Arrington (Princeton/München) einen Vortrag über "Hands in Greek Painting: Conventions, Gestures, Sensations"
Scholars, for many reasons, have privileged the sense of sight when studying Greek art. How might we recover its haptic dimensions? This lecture takes one approach by focusing on the representation of hands in painting, from the Geometric through the Hellenistic periods. It examines how changes in technique and style had implications for evoking the sense of touch, without teleological progressions towards increasing illusionism. Period style, artist style, and subject matter affected how hands were shown and what they might do. Hands had haptic potential, yet they were not always represented as sensory tools. Instead, they might participate in conventions and gestures, with and without touch present, that conveyed information about the narrative or about the figures.
Donnerstag, 27.04.23 - 18:00 Uhr
Klassische Archäologie

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